Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences

Meteorology 411 - News

Class News & Updates

  • 08/23/2017: Classes begin (note this is Wednesday - instructor away for first day of ISU). Welcome back!
  • 08/25/2017: Instructor away (no class)
  • 08/28/2017: Forecast Contest starts
  • 10/18/2017: Instructor Away (TA teaches)
  • 10/19/2017: Midterm Exam: Thursday, October 19, in class.
  • 12/11/2017: Final Exam: Monday, December 11, 12-2 pm, in class.

Weather News

Daily Weather Story

Click the image to see the most recent NWS weather story for central Iowa.

Low on Ice

Latest Arctic sea ice

5-Day QPF

Five day QPF from HPC

Drought Monitor

How this outlook impacts the current drought situation? See the latest drought monitor.

Important Dates

August 23: Classes start (Note: Aug 21 class cancelled)
August 25: Instructor away - class cancelled
August 28: Forecasting contest starts
September 4: Labor Day - University holiday - no class and no forecasting
October 18: Instructor at Unidata meeting - no class/forecasting
October 19: Mid-term exam
Final Exam Date: Monday, December 11, noon-2 pm