Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences

Meteorology 417 - News

Class News & Updates

  • 01/9/2017: Classes begin. Welcome back!
  • 03/9/2017: Midterm Exam: Thursday, March 9, in class.
  • 03/30-04/1/2017: NWA Severe Storms Conf in Des Moines: Thursday-Saturday Mar. 30-April 1

Weather News

Daily Weather Story

Click the image to see the most recent NWS weather story for central Iowa.

Low on Ice

Arctic sea ice now second-lowest on record

Drought Monitor

How this outlook impact the current drought situtatoin? See the latest drought monitor.

Important Dates

January 8: Classes start
January 10: Forecasting contest starts
January 15: MLK Day - University holiday - no class and no forecasting
March 8: Mid-term exam
March 12-16: Spring break
March 22 - 24: NWA Severe Storms Conference in DSM (class encouraged to attend)
April 2: Possible special lecture 2-3 pm to allow lab on April 3 (no class Apr 5) April 9-13: Instructor gone, TA will teach and proctor the lab (no briefings)
Tentative Final Exam Date: April 30, 2:15-4:15pm