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Login Instructions for 3008/3128 or remote access.

  • If you are physically sitting on a machine in either lab, you can skip this step. If accessing the lab remotely (not physically sitting in the lab), Internet Explorer is recommended, but not necessary. Navigate to the Agronomy Virtual Lab site. Follow the directions to reach the login screen.

  • On the login screen, type your username (ISU netID) and your password.

  • Single Click on the "Meteorology" icon. This will open a Windows 8.1 session. If you need to run a Linux OS, continue reading the directions. If you don't need Linux, remember to logout of both Windows 8.1 and the Agronomy Virtual Lab when you are finished (two step logout process).

  • To open a virtual Linux session, double click on the X2Go icon. Create a new session with as the host, your ISU netID as the Login and Mate as the session type. You will not need to enter the domain name (IASTATE or iastate) for this application. Do not change anything else.

  • Click on your new session on the right side of the X2Go window and login using your ISU netID and password. A Linux desktop window should eventually open.

  • Once you are finished with your Linux session, select Log Out... under the System menu. This will close your Linux virtual session and take you back to Windows.

  • If you are done using the computer, log of both Windows 10 and the Agronomy Virtual Lab server (two step logout process).

Secure Shell Client

Printing on the Meteorology Maproom (3008) Laser Printer

Students should be able to print on the the meteorology maproom laser printer (3008 Agronomy Hall) using the command nenscript. To do this, you need to be logged into and in the directory where you file exists (not necessary, but the easiest approach). Once there, type the following from the command prompt:

nenscript filename

For example:

nenscript my_program.f90

will create a printout of my_program.f90 on the printer in 3008 Agronomy Hall. Printing will cost $0.05 per sheet. Charges should automatically be applied to your printing subsidy. Once your subsidy runs out, charges will appear on your Ubill.

Submitting your homework for grading

To turn in your homework for grading, follow the instructions below:
  • Create a copy of your finished program called hw#_YOURLASTNAME.f90. For example, for homework #1, I would create hw1_FLORY.f90.
  • Create a copy of your output, if required, called hw#_YOURLASTNAME.out. For example, for homework #1, I would create hw1_FLORY.out.
  • Send both of these files as an attachment to:

Mailing files from the Meteorology computer system

An alternative to method of printing your file would be to mail your program to your account and open it on a machine which has access to a local printer. The method you are probably most comfortable with using is WebMail. Since most of you are more familiar with WebMail than I, I won't describe its use here. Give it a try. There really isn't a good alternative using Linux unless you want to learn a new mail handler.