Final Exam Information

On-campus students (404, 504)

The exam will be during the normal second final exam period of Tuesday May 2, 9:45-11:45 AM.

Preparation for the Final Exam

The final will consist of several short-answer questions of an integrative nature that may draw on any of the block but will not focus solely on miniscule factual material from earlier blocks. Below are some exams from previous years to give an idea of the types of questions I usually ask.

  1. Blowing Smoke (or other words for BS) will be graded very harshly. Throughout the semester we have attempted to identify and expose those representing themselves as being knowledgable on Global Change issues who really weren't. Responses must be authoritative.

  2. Violations of the honor code will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Posting Your Final Thoughts

The website will be open for a few weeks after the semester ends. You are welcome to post reflective comments on the course, the learning style employed, your assessment of the role of this course in the curriculum or its value in your education. These comments will be considered in future delivery of Global Change.