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Human activities are currently leading to changes in the global environment at virtually unprecedented rates, with potentially severe consequences for our future welfare...The problem of global environmental change is crucial and urgent.
U.S. Academy of Science, 1988

Meteorology/Agronomy/Env. Sci./Env. St. 404/504
Spring 2006

Eugene S. Takle
3013 Agronomy Hall
Computer Specialist
Daryl Herzmann
3015 Agronomy Hall
(515) 294-5978

Course Objectives

  • To demonstrate the interconnectedness of the earth's environmental system and to explore the scientific evidence for changes in the global environment.
  • To instill in students the value of peer-reviewed literature on global-change issues.
  • To engage students, by means of the Internet, in dialog among themselves, with outside experts, and with students from other countries on the scientific, economic, social, political, and ethical implications of these global changes.
  • To develop skills, individually and collaboratively, for implementing the knowledge building process as an approach to problem solving.

Registration Information

Pre-requisites: 4 courses in Physical or Biological Sciences or Engineering

You may register for the Global Change course in any of six different ways:

Agronomy 404
Meteorology 404
Environmental Studies 404
Environmental Science 404
Agronomy 504
Meteorology 504

If, as an undergraduate, you sign up for the 504 course, you will attend the same lectures as for 404,but you will do one extensive research paper instead of shorter ones. The 504 may count toward a graduate degree requirements if you continue on for graduate degree.

If you have a documented disability and anticipate needing accommodations in this course, please make arrangements to meet with me soon. Please request that a Disability Resources staff send a SAAR form verifying your disability and specifying the accommodation you will need.

If, as a graduate student, you sign up for the 404 course, you are not required to submit a research paper. The 404 course will count toward credits required for a graduate degree if you sign up for the course outside your major. That is, if you are a graduate student in Agronomy, you will receive graduate credit if you sign up for Meteorology (or Environmental Studies) 404, but not if you sign up for Agronomy 404.

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