1-7: Acid Deposition

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Importance of this Unit to the Course

Some of the changes in atmospheric chemistry since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, as discussed in previous units, lead to formation of acidic compounds. Deposition of some of these materials at the Earth's surface will reduce crop yields and will affect the presence and distribution of species in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, particularly sensitive members of such ecosystems as will be discussed in Block 3.


Preparation for Discussion (You must complete this section before class.)

  1. Read the summary information. (Print text for offline review; images only.)
  2. Take the Quiz over the summary information. (see your portfolio)
  3. Review additional reading material (this material is not covered in the quiz, but offers more ideas for online discussion)

Discussion (online / face-to-face) (See your portfolio for due dates and times)

A major component of the course is participation in the online dialog. The following types of comments are required:

  • Social Comments
  • Knowledge-building Comments
  • Ethical Comments
The following may be used as discussion starters for the online dialog:
  • Unit Problem to Ponder:
    The major regions of sulfate deposition in the US are generally to the north and east of the sources of SO2. Where would you expect the major regions of sulfate deposition to be from SO2 sources in southern China? Hint: see surface wind maps from Unit 1-3.
  • Unit exam questions from previous years
  • Unit discussions from previous years, available from the current online discussion

Additional Reading