Waves-Weather Presentation - Guidelines

Points/questions to cover

(a) Recent behavior

  1. How have extratropical, large-scale waves evolved over the past several days in the Northern Hemisphere (NH) and Southern Hemisphere (SH)?
  2. More specifically, what wave number(s) have been prominent and how have they moved?
  3. Have there been any prominent stationary features in the waves?
  4. How has overall wave evolution played a role in our recent weather?
(b) Forecasted behavior
  1. What are the forecasted movements of troughs and ridges associated with these waves?
  2. What weather changes may be expected over the next couple of days in a Southern Hemisphere region (e.g., southern South America, South Africa, Australia, Antarctica)?
  3. How do forecasts from different sources compare?
(c) Related behavior
  1. Where are the maxima in the zonal average zonal wind in both the NH and SH?
  2. How have the maxima evolved over the past few days?
  3. What are the differences between the NH and SH?
  4. How have the maxima been evolving since the start of the course?
(d) Raising additional points beyond these will produce extra credit.

Rubric for Evaluating Waves-Wx Presentations

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